Natural Health and Beauty

  • Fun and Easy Body Scrub Recipe Ideas

    The popularity of dry brushing is on the rise and growing. Do to its amazing benefits to your health and beauty as one of the top secrets to keeping you looking and feeling youthful. At ZEN ME we are all about providing simple skincare solutions.

  • Super Moisturizing DIY Lotion Recipe

    At ZEN ME we are all about Simple, Sustainable Skincare meaning we want to be good to our skin and the environment by cutting out unnecessary products and waste. Since it’s getting winter with colder and dryer air we wanted to share a really simple and super moisturizing body lotion recipe you can make for yourself or as gifts for family and friends.  

  • Get Your Glow On for Summer with Dry Brushing!

    It’s that time again, summer dresses, swimwear, shorts, sleeveless shirts and of course you want to look your best. Have you tried dry body brushing to smooth, brighten and tone up your skin?