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It’s that time again, summer dresses, swimwear, shorts, sleeveless shirts and of course you want to look your best. Have you tried dry body brushing to smooth, brighten and tone up your skin?

Juice fasting is often being misunderstood and can actually be damaging your health & well being if not done correctly. Promises such as "lose 5 pounds in 5 days!", "get glowing skin!" or "get more energy!" might lead you to jump too quickly into a fast without really understanding how to do it in a way that is safe and enjoyable while providing you the amazing benefits it can have.

Check out why Jessica like many other people swear by dry brushing because of its many wonderful health and wellness benefits. Hopefully it will inspire you to include this natural health practice in your body care routine.

Autism is another form of disability affecting each child in different ways. But, the majority of them suffer from the consequences of sensory integration disorder. This condition is actually the outcome of their brain’s inability to gather information from five sensory systems in their body. As a result they throw tantrums.  If you see that your kid is feeling overwhelmed from excessive sensory stimulation, it is important to relax her nervous system. For that body brushing or dry brushing has proven quite effective. This technique will give your child sensation...

Our mind often makes a dozen of excuses why we can’t meditate. But once you stretch, get seated in a comfortable position and close your eyes, meditation will just happen. Meditation is suggested to calm one’s mind, body and soul. It is considered as the best way to de-stress. With meditation, the body undergoes a change and each cell is filled with more energy. We not only become more enthusiastic about everything, but also attain emotional stability. Aside, meditation is great for keeping up your skin’s glow. Not that it...

At some point, we all end up indulging ourselves into bad habits, including continuously drinking coffee or eating chocolate and pastries. The result is that we are left with a crappy feeling. However, there is good news. You can just get your system detoxed and help yourself achieve your fitness goals. And the best part is that you don’t need to starve yourself on liquid cleanse diet although a little bit of changes in food is necessary during detoxing.

We spend years in understanding which cream would be the most suitable for the skin. While we spare so much after chemical based products, we tend to ignore the wonders healthy foods can do to our skin and health. Listed below are top ten foods that can help you attain a healthy and glowing skin without giving any pocket crunch.

Girls, if you have used natural sponges ever you know that there is simply nothing like them. A 100% natural sponge is the best skin care product that one can ever have. These squishy miracles might have or will change your skin forever. The Konjac sponge is such a product.

We all love to look young forever and stay blessed with a glowing and healthy skin. However, the sad part  is that we age and so the radiance of skin starts diminishing. Although, you cannot stop aging, the loss of glow can be slowed down at least. There are so many products in the market today, all claiming to make your skin look younger. Whether or not you are in support of using these products, following the below mentioned simple steps can help you maintain a healthy skin. 1. Exfoliate...

When you have a dry skin, you will want fast relief. However, easing your itchy and flaky skin isn’t only about what you apply. A lot of your skin’s health depends upon how clean the skin is, what type of clothes you are wearing and the air around you. In order to prevent yourself from getting a dry skin you should avoid taking shower in hot water. Besides, body cleansing should be done gently. It is best to use soapless cleansers. Items with antibacterial additives are harsh on skin. Men should use shaving gel and shave in right direction to protect their skin.