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Complete Body Brush Exfoliation System

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Benefit From This Simple Ancient Health and Beauty Technique!

The ZEN ME Body Brush Exfoliation System is perfected for your daily dry brushing health and beauty practice. 100% Natural High Quality and Extra Long Curved Cut Bristles, Includes 1 Pair Exfoliating Gloves for Shower and Body Brushing, 1 Konjac Sponge for your Face, 1 Pumice Stone for your Feet and as a Bonus our eBook "6 Steps to Vitality" with simple daily detox tips.

“Dry Brushing” – An Ancient Ritual Followed by Many Cultures

Dry brushing is an ancient health practice and beauty technique that improves the looks of the skin and enhances one’s health in only minutes a day. Dry brushing has been applied over the ages by almost all known cultures, including the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Greeks, Scandinavians, and Native Americans.

For instance, the Japanese used loofahs to rejuvenate the skin while the Ancient Greeks used metal spatulas for“dry brushing” or removing old or dead skin.

The Comanche and Cherokee tribes used cleaned corn cobs to smooth and exfoliate the skin while the Chinese employed dried up fibers of the fruit, the silk squash, to open up the skin’s pores and remove toxins.

Ancient Indians practiced Garshana, an Ayurvedic ritual that involved the use of a soft sponge and silk gloves 3 to 4 minutes prior to bathing. Even birch twigs were used (by the Finns) to exfoliate and improve the looks of the body’s largest organ.

Dry Brushing Today Using the ZEN ME Vitality Brush

Happily today you can receive the full benefits of this ancient and widely followed practice by the use of the Zen Me VITALITY Dry Body Brush, an eco-friendly and ergonomic spa accessory that, like other forms of “dry brushing,” avails the user with a number of beautifying and healing benefits. When dry brushing is performed, the recipient not only removes dry skin but also increases the flow of lymph and blood and opens up the pores.

In addition, dry brushing, when applied with a quality product like the ZEN ME Exfoliating Brush, promotes tighter, firmer skin, renews the skin cells, and reduces cellulite – all which enhances the health of the skin and improves its appearance.

A Must-have Health and Beauty Spa Accessory

Dry brushing, in fact, is one of the simplest, most affordable techniques to use to improve one’s health and looks. That is because the skin is the largest bodily organ and is responsible for as much as 15% toxin elimination. Therefore, a dry brush like the ZEN ME Dry Skin Brush, is a must-have health and beauty spa accessory.

Major Benefits Associated with Dry Brushing

Based on the ancient ritual of dry brushing, the ZEN ME Dry Body Brush has been designed to exfoliate and smooth the skin, remove harmful toxins and reduce the look of cellulite. It also has been proven to aid digestion, improve immune system health and enhance one’s overall appearance.

Why buy ZEN ME Body Brush Exfoliating System
  • The high-quality all natural brush features natural boar bristles – made to provide firmness yet gentleness when dry brushing is applied.
  • The oval head on the brush with cotton strap can be conveniently detached so it can be used conveniently as an easy-grip manual scrub brush in the bath.
  • The 16” length is ideal for reach hard-to-reach body areas, such as the feet, shoulders or back.
  • Textured and Stretchable Exfoliating Gloves for use in the bath or shower
  • Natural, 100% Biodegradable Konjac Sponge for gentle face exfoliation and cleaning
  • Lava Pumice Stone to keep your feet smooth and free from callus
  • Free Digital Book "6 Keys To VITALITY".
  • Beautifully packaged, the brush makes an Ideal Gift for the Holidays or a Birthday
  • Dry Skin Brush is made of beautiful polished lotus wood and boar bristles – materials that are made to last.
  • Enhances the lymphatic flow so the user feels less tired or sluggish and has a renewed sense of energy.
  • Accelerates the elimination of poisons and toxins from the body – pollutants that can cause free radical damage and compromise immune system functioning.
  • The blood flow is revitalized and the metabolic rate increases for better metabolic and system functioning which also helps you lose and maintain your weight.
  • The elimination of toxins, which is the result of dry brushing, also causes a reduction of fat accumulation and the formation of cellulite.
  • Because the cells are regenerated by dry brushing, it can slow down the aging process. Stimulation of both the sebaceous and sweat glands restores suppleness and moistness to the skin naturally.


The Zen Me Vitality Dry Brush: Testimonials

The Vitality Dry Brush by Zen Me has received numerous five-star reviews. Below are some of the comments:

"I love this brush! It is beautiful and really well made. The bristles have just the right stiffness and my skin feels great every time I use it!"

"I got this awesome body brush as a gift and I have to say I am now totally into dry brushing! I also love using the exfoliating gloves that come with the brush. I'm very happy with this gift!"

"I am so pleased with this skin brush! The smooth polished wood feels very nice in the hand and the bristles just have the right stiffness. It's really is the best body brush I have ever used!"


    A simple instruction brochure comes with your brush and you will receive a full downloadable eBook guide about body brushing and daily simple detox tips with your purchase.

    Order your VITALITY Dry Body Brush today and experience all the amazing health and beauty benefits of daily body brushing!

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