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  • Dry Skin Brushing and Cellulite: How are They Related? Little knowing about the impacts of dry skin brushing on cellulite, a lot of people invests in anti-cellulite creams. Do you really think that it is worth the expenditure when just a body brushing can do wonders? While there is no denial of t...
  • Is Dry Skin Brushing Effective for Detoxification?

    “Do you cleanse, tone and moisture your face regularly?” This is exactly what has been asked to so many people around. And it is great to know that most of them do it so religiously.Well, that’s good that people have become so particular about their skin care, but then here comes another question...
  • The Benefits of Dry Brushing for a More Beautiful and Revitalized You!

    How would you respond if you were offered the ability to automatically revitalize the looks of your skin, reduce the look of lumpy and unattractive cellulite and feel less tired and lethargic? Naturally, you would want to know the secret. The activity of dry brushing using the Zen Me Vitality Dry Body Brush is the answer to detoxifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin and body.

    A Quick Overview of the Vitality Zen Me Dry Body Brush

    The Zen Me VITALITY Dry Body Brush follows a health and beauty practice that as been followed by such ancient cultures as the Romans and Egyptians. The 100% natural high quality brush features long curved cut boar bristles and is made with a long-curved brush handle that contours to the body.

    The detachable oval head with cotton strap on the dry brush can double as a scrub brush with easy and convenient grip. The 16” curved handle on the spa accessory is ideally designed for use on the back, shoulders and feet. The Vitality Dry Body Brush comes with exfoliating gloves for wet use as well.