8 Foods for Great Skin and Good Health

We spend years in understanding which cream would be the most suitable for the skin. While we spare so much after chemical based products, we tend to ignore the wonders whole natural foods can do to our skin and health. Listed below are eight foods that can help you attain a healthy and glowing skin without giving any pocket crunch. Also, your best choice always is to go with organic products especially those you are eating with the skin. Too many chemicals are still being sprayed and applied to our foods, unfortunately.

1. Nuts: Apart from filling your hunger gap with fiber, protein and good fats, nuts also help you keep your skin young and supple. Since almonds are natural anti-inflammatory nuts, they treat skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Having a handful almonds (best when soaked) everyday can help you limit your breakouts. On the other hand, walnuts can be great to reduce stress that can be a leading cause of wrinkles and fine lines. Presence of vitamin B in walnut helps in mood management and keeps depression at bay.

2. Seed Oil: All these years you might have been looking for only oil-free products and now all of the sudden you get to know that seed oils can be effective for your skin care. Well, yes you read it right. You just have no idea what hemp seed oil and flax oils can do for your skin. These types of oils can be directly applied on face or consumed. Use these oils for cooking or adding to shakes and smoothies and reap the benefits they offer. Flax seed oil is rich in Omega-3 and is therefore healthy for the heart. Not only that, it has both plant estrogen alongside antioxidant qualities. Moreover, components like ALA and lignans in flax seed helps to reduce inflammation. Besides, the intensity of hot flashes can also get dropped by 57% by consuming flax seed oil. When it comes to health and skin benefits hemp seed oil plays an important role too. Since it has high concentration of fatty acids it keeps the skin nourished and moisturized. Hemp oil can be used for garnishing a food in order to improve nutrition.

3. Green Tea: Presence of antioxidants and astringents in green tea assist in treating puffy eyes and dark circles. The anti-aging qualities in it help in delaying the signs of aging. Since green tea contains tannins it helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria. Also, it helps in regulating hormonal imbalances aside from helping in weight loss.

4. Spices: Spices like turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties helping to fight with acne. Not only that it brightens skin tone, but also reduces fine lines or wrinkles. Apart from turmeric, even ginger has so many health and skin benefits to offer. Consumption of ginger will keep your skin naturally radiant. Besides, on applying it on your skin you are likely to get instant fresh glow. These days a lot of people are turning to coriander. This is because it contains many medicinal properties and is great sources of vitamins, folic acid, calcium, potassium, so on and so forth. Regular consumption of coriander powder helps in reducing pimples and curing so many skin diseases. Also, it aids digestion and helps cure cold and flu. It has good antibacterial properties as well.

5. Greens: How many times does your mum say you to have green vegetables? Regularly? Although, we end up ignoring what they say, you cannot deny the health and skin benefits they can provide. Broccoli, spinach and brussels sprouts are rich in ALA. They have high concentration of antioxidants helping to give a tough fight to the free radicals causing aging. Additionally, they act as anti-inflammatory, lessening under-eye circles, blotches and puffiness.

8 Foods for Great Skin and Good Health

6. Fruits: Go for grapefruit as it contains vitamin C that would help in reversing skin damage that is caused by pollutants or sun. Also, it stimulates collagen, cause new skin growth and reduce wrinkles. You should consider blueberries as well. It is considered to have the most antioxidants that will keep your skin young and smooth. Add cucumbers to your daily diet as it is a good source of silicon. Not only to help lose weight, but also to make hair thick, nail strong and to strengthen connective tissues for improving flexibility and increasing skin’s resilience.

7. Fish: Anchovies, salmon and sardines are the ones. They contain high amounts of dimethylaminoethanol that protects skin by strengthening you cell membranes and acting as a shield to limit the chances of premature aging. But be aware of the likelihood of mercury to be found increasingly in fish. In fact, the smaller the fish the better. It’s best to eat plenty of cilantro which can filter out trace amounts of mercury.

8. Eggs: It contains choline and lutein. Where the first build up fatty portions of the cell membranes giving you a healthy skin, choline on the other hand regulates vitamin B levels in the body, keeping the skin smooth and firm. Make sure you go with organic or even better pasture raised to receive the highest amounts of beneficial nutrients and of course to support happy hens.

Incorporating these foods on a regular basis will give you plenty of skin friendly nutrients to keep your skin healthy and signs of aging at bay.

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