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At ZEN ME we are all about Simple, Sustainable Skincare meaning we want to be good to our skin and the environment by cutting out unnecessary products and waste. Since it’s getting winter with colder and dryer air we wanted to share a really simple and super moisturizing body lotion recipe you can make for yourself or as gifts for family and friends. :) It’s one of the essentials DIY in natural skincare and is amazing after your regular dry body brushing and exfoliation routine!

We all love to look young forever and stay blessed with a glowing and healthy skin. However, the sad part  is that we age and so the radiance of skin starts diminishing. Although, you cannot stop aging, the loss of glow can be slowed down at least. There are so many products in the market today, all claiming to make your skin look younger. Whether or not you are in support of using these products, following the below mentioned simple steps can help you maintain a healthy skin. 1. Exfoliate...

When you have a dry skin, you will want fast relief. However, easing your itchy and flaky skin isn’t only about what you apply. A lot of your skin’s health depends upon how clean the skin is, what type of clothes you are wearing and the air around you. In order to prevent yourself from getting a dry skin you should avoid taking shower in hot water. Besides, body cleansing should be done gently. It is best to use soapless cleansers. Items with antibacterial additives are harsh on skin. Men should use shaving gel and shave in right direction to protect their skin.

Having a glowing, supple and wrinkle-free skin is the ultimate dream of any woman. While struggling to achieve that we end up exposing our skin to almost 130 chemicals regularly. Cosmetic companies though maintain saying that these chemicals are not harmful to skin, one cannot ignore the probability of getting prone to skin allergies. Being said that, no one knows how chemicals will affect their skin and body over time. However, one cannot also disregard the fact that beauty care products show quick results. But then for ages, people have used natural skin care ingredients and it is believed that they had healthier skin. It is over the last century they have suddenly started believing in the power of chemicals to fix all their skin related problems.