Combatting Dry Skin Problems: 5 Effective Ways

When you have a dry skin, you will want fast relief. However, easing your itchy and flaky skin isn’t only about what you apply. A lot of your skin’s health depends upon how clean the skin is, what type of clothes you are wearing and the air around you. In order to prevent yourself from getting a dry skin you should avoid taking shower in hot water. Besides, body cleansing should be done gently. It is best to use soapless cleansers. Items with antibacterial additives are harsh on skin. Men should use shaving gel and shave in right direction to protect their skin.

Well then, if you are already suffering from dry skin problems, the below mentioned ways can help you give a tough fight:

1. Dry Brushing: It works to remove your dead skin, whereby improving appearance, allowing skin to breath and cleaning the clogged pores. Dry brushing betters blood circulation that aids elimination of the metabolic waste. Also, it reduces cellulite. Since dry skin brushing helps in softening the hard fat deposits underneath the skin, this helps in diminishing appearance of cellulite.

Combatting Dry Skin Problems: 5 Effective Ways

2. Exfoliation: One of the main benefits of skin exfoliation is that it improves the texture. It is possibly the easiest way to revive your dull skin. Aside, it helps your skin care products to penetrate deeper. Dead skin cells cause fine lines and wrinkles. By including exfoliation in your skin care regime you can age more gracefully. Exfoliation should be done on a regular basis.

3. Use Natural Plant based Skin Care: What you feed to your skin matters! Think of your skin as a living, breathing organ, actually your second mouth that absorbs everything you put on back into your bloodstream. Nitrosamines, glycol, phthalates and parabens are chemicals and not suitable for our skin even though the beauty industry wants you to believe other. These products might provide a quick fix but do they really take care of your skin's health long term? While it is better to leave this question to be answered by you, let’s have a look at the benefits of using natural skin care products. Skin care products derived from nature tend to have more lasting impact on dry skin and cause no possible side effects. Besides, they can keep your skin healthy long term. Plant based skin care can make you look more radiant while improving the overall health of your dry skin. Also look for DIY skin care recipes that are easy to make and so good for your skin such as our favorite, a mask of avocado, honey & coconut cream. Your skin will love it and your tummy too! :)

Combatting Dry Skin Problems: 5 Effective Ways

4. Use Air Humidifier: Humidifiers help in putting back the moisture into the air. They should be especially used during winters. Cold and dry air takes away the moisture from your skin that is apparently the main cause of dry skin. Having a humidifier at home can provide a quick solution. And of course, you will be able to maintain a more vibrant skin.

5. Drink Plenty of Water: No amount of skin care products can have much effect on your dry skin, if you do not follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water or other hydrating liquids such as herbal teas. Since water helps in keeping your body hydrated, it will prevent your skin from excess fluid loss.

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