Natural Skin Care Ingredients or Chemical-Based Products: Which One would You Prefer?

Having a glowing, supple and wrinkle-free skin is the ultimate dream of any woman. While struggling to achieve that we end up exposing our skin to almost 130 chemicals regularly. Cosmetic companies though maintain saying that these chemicals are not harmful to skin, one cannot ignore the probability of getting prone to skin allergies. Being said that, no one knows how chemicals will affect their skin and body over time. However, one cannot also disregard the fact that beauty care products show quick results. But then for ages, people have used natural skin care ingredients and it is believed that they had healthier skin. It is over the last century they have suddenly started believing in the power of chemicals to fix all their skin related problems.

When it comes to skin care a wide variety of peelings, scrubs, creams and cleansers have been made available in the beauty market. Most people think that the higher the price the better will be the result. Therefore they end up spending their fortunes; little realizing that price has very little to do with the efficiency of the cosmetics. While it would be wrong to say that chemical-based skin care products simply harm and do no good, natural beauty care is carried out by using all-natural ingredients that pose no side effects.


With natural skin care you can just get anything from your pantry or fridge and get started with. For cleansing you could simply use honey or oatmeal. Since honey is suitable for all types of skin, even people with sensitive skin can try it. For a deep cleanse apply honey for at least 5 minutes. For oatmeal cleansing you will require mixing finely-ground oats in some liquid of your choice such as rice milk or just water. To remove make up around the tender eye area you can use coconut oil. It's a great skin cleanser and moisturizer at the same time helping to maintain your skin's pH-balance. You could also mix yogurt and almond meal for exfoliation and rice flour for gentle scrubbing. Also, avocados are not just super healthy as food but also a wonderful moisturizer and are perfect to apply as an enriching mask. Just be creative and play around with some yummy foods.

On the other hand, if you consider chemical-based cleansers there are many to choose from at various prices. But most of them contain sodium lauryl sulfate that is at times is even asked to be avoided by dermatologists. This is because this chemical strips the skin of their natural oils it will require no matter how many moisturizers you use. Aside, added fragrance in any chemical products, be it cleansers, peelings or creams tend to be irritating to the skin. Not only that it can also dry out your skin even further. A great resource to find out about questionable ingredients in your skincare products is

With budget - friendly natural treatments, beautiful skin will become your signature. But then it is totally up to your decide which one would be the ideal for you.

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