Natural Health and Beauty

  • Natural Skin Care Ingredients or Chemical-Based Products: Which One would You Prefer?

    Having a glowing, supple and wrinkle-free skin is the ultimate dream of any woman. While struggling to achieve that we end up exposing our skin to almost 130 chemicals regularly. Cosmetic companies though maintain saying that these chemicals are not harmful to skin, one cannot ignore the probability of getting prone to skin allergies. Being said that, no one knows how chemicals will affect their skin and body over time. However, one cannot also disregard the fact that beauty care products show quick results. But then for ages, people have used natural skin care ingredients and it is believed that they had healthier skin. It is over the last century they have suddenly started believing in the power of chemicals to fix all their skin related problems.
  • Loving your skin is essential as it is the only place that you can never hide. The plethora of moisturizers, anti-aging creams and cleansing agents may baffle you as to which to choose. Many times, people go to the drug stores to buy something effective for their skin and end up wasting on snake oil products. But finally, by the time you realized that they are useless, you would already have spent a fortune on it. The crux of the matter is not only what kind of product you should buy, but what beauty steps will help you in the long run. One such amazing natural beauty treatment is exfoliation.

    Now, what exactly is exfoliation and how effective is it really?

  • So, how many of you still use soap to cleanse your face? If you do, think again as you could be causing long-term harm to your skin. Regularly exfoliating your skin will remove ingrained dirt and will refresh your skin. Not only that, it will allow proper absorption of skin serums or moisturizers.

    What Exactly is Exfoliation?

    Removing flaky old skin from your epidermis is termed as exfoliation. It is a type of skin cleansing that is in particular essential as the dermis continuously develop new skin cells in order to aid protection. Therefore, you should remove the old skin and exfoliate it thoroughly. However, exfoliation of skin can be done in multiple ways. There are natural, chemical and home-made products that can help you to get rid of dead cells.