Skin Exfoliation: Will It Work for You?

So, how many of you still use soap to cleanse your face? If you do, think again as you could be causing long-term harm to your skin. Regularly exfoliating your skin will remove ingrained dirt and will refresh your skin. Not only that, it will allow proper absorption of skin serums or moisturizers

What is Exfoliation Exactly? 

Removing flaky old skin from your

Skin Exfoliation: Will It Work for You?

epidermis is termed as exfoliation.   It is a type of skin cleansing that is  in particular essential as the dermis continuously develop new skin cells in order to aid protection. Therefore, you should remove the old skin and exfoliate it thoroughly. However, exfoliation of the skin can be done in multiple ways. There are natural, chemical and home-made products that can help you to get rid of dead cells.The most gentle and least abrasive way to exfoliate is either though dry skin brushing, mechanical exfoliation using a scrub mitt or exfoliating gloves under the shower or natural body scrubs. The more chemicals we put on our skin the more it could potentially harm our skin.

To make sure that your skin breathes properly you should consider doing body brushing. It is very effective and gentle enough to not irritate your skin. For face exfoliation using a Konjac sponge is ideal and suitable for every skin type. There are online stores that sell Konjac sponges for face exfoliation. This type of sponge is available in different variations, from pure white to black charcoal. They are highly beneficial for gentle and effective facial cleansing and exfoliating without irritating even sensitive skin all while being 100% natural and eco-friendly. 

Skin Exfoliation: Will It Work for You?

Skin Benefits of Exfoliation

Gentle application of exfoliation product would aid in doing away with flaky skin cells. This will leave your skin completely clean and you will feel more rejuvenated and refreshed. You will have suppler skin and not only that, you will experience a brighter look as well. However, without exfoliation, your skin will look dry and dull. So, it is important to make use of an item and application method, which will suit the skin type most. Excessive exfoliation may damage your skin and make it more dry and irritated.

Another great benefit of skin exfoliation is to fight with the different signs of aging. With age the skin tends to lose their natural ability and dead or dull skin cells form wrinkles and fine lines. You can help yourself age gracefully by daily exfoliation of the skin that will help you shed of dead skin cells. When cleaning your face you can use exfoliating gloves as well as a konjac sponge depending on your preference and sensitivity.

Regular exfoliation will also help you prevent blackheads, whiteheads and other unnecessary breakouts. When pores get clogged up, oils from the skin can get blocked beneath the surface, whereby causing pimples. Exfoliation will help you to keep pimples in check. Not only that, it will keep the pores clean and tight.

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