Slow Down Your Aging with Regular Meditation

Our mind often makes a dozen of excuses why we can’t meditate. But once you stretch, get seated in a comfortable position and close your eyes, meditation will just happen. Meditation is suggested to calm one’s mind, body and soul.

It is considered as the best way to de-stress. With meditation, the body undergoes a change and each cell is filled with more energy. We not only become more enthusiastic about everything, but also attain emotional stability.

Aside, meditation is great for keeping up your skin’s glow. Not that it will keep you young forever, but will address all the underlying problems creating skin problems. Psychodermology, a rising field of study speaks of the interaction between your mind and skin. It analyses the effects of different emotions on skin and disorders having skin manifestations.

Reduces Negativity

Scientifically, meditation has so many health benefits such as reduced stress, anxiety and fear. And all these conditions are some of the root causes of skin problems. According to a recent research techniques like relaxation sessions, cognitive behavior therapy and meditation to have great benefit for individuals suffering skin conditions like eczema, vitiligo, acne and psoriasis.

In fact, people who used to receive ultraviolet light treatments for psoriasis listened to meditation tapes during the sessions. As a result they healed three times faster than the non-meditators. Whether major or not, skin problem worsen with stress. Meditation triggers the stress level and manages it, giving you a healthy skin.

Slows the Aging Process

Although you cannot prevent aging, meditation can slow down the process. Meditating for a few minutes regularly will bring energy into your body, whereby creating a feeling of relaxation. Additionally, mindful meditation supplies oxygen to your skin that is the key to boost cellular health.

Slow Down Your Aging with Regular Meditation

The increased level of oxygen in your body rejuvenates skin. It brightens complexion, slows aging process and reduces wrinkles. Meditation, similarly, lowers your blood pressure and conditions like ulcers, headaches and insomnia making you look younger.

Boost Self-Confidence and Improves Mood

When your skin looks better, it automatically boosts your confidence. Regular meditation will increase your brain’s ability to repair itself and develop neural connections. Just like muscle, the neural pathways become stronger over time with daily practice.

It has been seen that people who meditate experience way more happiness and inner peace than others. Also, meditation increases brain’s serotonin production that will improve your mood.

So, if you haven’t yet started meditating think wisely and decide for yourself.

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