Premium Dry Brush for Face for Smooth Radiant Skin

  • $ 12.99
  • 💚 BRIGHTEN YOUR COMPLEXION - Using a dry face brush to massage and exfoliate your skin can help tighten your skin, improve your skin tone and reduce the appearance of large pores. It's like a natural ’mini face lift’ in your daily skincare routine you will love to experience, especially in the morning!

  • 💚 NATURAL SKIN CLEANSING - Brushing your dry facial skin is an excellent way to remove dead skins cells and dirt from your skin and also increase the production of beneficial oils that protect the skin. This enhances your skin's natural ability to renew itself without disrupting its protective pH level by too much washing and scrubbing using facial cleansing products.

  • 💚 AWAKEN TIRED SKIN - Enjoy more radiant and fresh skin when giving your face a dry brush massage. Dry brushing is best known for its ability to activate lymph flow and circulation helping to flush out impurities that could lead to acne and blackheads and nourishing the skin with fresh blood and oxygen.

  • 💚 SELF-CARE FOR MEN & WOMEN - Regular dry brushing of the face and neck not only can help to prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps, reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and stimulate collagen production it is a feel-good beauty practice that only takes a few minutes. It makes for a beautiful self-care gift for yourself or a loved one!

  • 💚 100% HAPPINESS COMMITMENT - If you don't absolutely LOVE your Zen Me Dry Face Brush, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. We are an American company with full USA support to quickly answer any questions or concerns you might have - so you can ADD TO CART with confidence!