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Benefit From This Simple Ancient Health and Beauty Technique! The ZEN ME Body Brush Exfoliation System is perfected for your daily dry brushing health and beauty practice. 100% Natural High Quality and Extra Long Curved Cut Bristles, Includes 1 Pair Exfoliating Gloves...

Zen Me provides you with the highest quality personal care products that you can trust and will love! Our skin brushes are optimized for the best dry brushing experience and the information and instructions that are essential to making dry body brushing effective. With our additional bonus of the exfoliating gloves, you have a total skin and vitality treatment. We guarantee for a reason.

In addition to the functionality of our products we enhance all our products with an energy word. Knowing that all life and the substances of our world are energy, we can make a difference by infusing the energy of chosen words into the products we use, consciously imbuing them with energy that enhances us. Zen Me™ carefully chooses one energy word for each of our products. Our products are of the highest quality and functionality and are made with Love. Our products serve with function and beauty and our words enhance.
Let Us Inspire You! :)