Dry Brushing Benefits for More Glow and Vitality

Why Should I Dry Brush

Using a dry brush for 5-7 min each day, enhances proper lymphatic flow thereby accelerating the elimination of toxins. Improving your body's natural detoxification mechanisms is also critical for tackling cellulite and for having smoother and more youthful skin. And if that's not enough you also might experience all kinds of other benefits such as more mental clarity, more energy in the morning, better sleep, improved skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema and lots more. Dry brushing truly offers a lot of benefits!

Benefits of Dry Brushing for the Lymphatic System

Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which is responsible for eliminating cellular waste. This waste-ridding process is known as lymphatic drainage. When the lymphatic system is not properly working, both toxins and waste build up and can make you sick. Lymphatic congestion is the main reason for disease and sickness and inflammation in the body. By stimulating this system toxins are released that can make people sick.

Dry Brushing Allows the Skin to "Breathe"

Regular skin exfoliation through dry brushing also removes dead skin cells that cause clogged pores and literally allows your skin to "breathe" better. This can prevent ingrown hairs which can cause uncomfortable skin irritations.

The skin is also considered as our third kidney with an important function to help our body detoxify by releasing metabolic wastes like gases, sweat or other debris. The more our skin pores are open and unclogged the better our body can detoxify via the skin.

Getting Rid of Metabolic Waste

When brushing your entire body you are assisting its constant efforts to detoxify itself. Your body is a huge community of cells with each cell producing different kinds of metabolic wastes that need to be eliminated just like we do when we go to the bathroom. This is facilitated with a network of hundreds of miles of small tubules and vessels which collect the cellular waste from the cells.

Imagine your cells being surrounded by lymphatic fluid and these tiny lymph vessels that take the waste the cells release to then transport it to larger septic tanks such as lymph nodes and glands for further processing. All this metabolic waste which is very acidic is transported to the kidneys via the lymph system in order to be filtered out and released through the bladder and urine.

Diet plays a huge role as to how much cellular waste our cells produce each day depending on how acid or alkaline forming our food is. As a rule of thumb, the more processed and denatured your food is the more acid forming. Proteins and dairy products are at the top of foods that create acidic metabolic waste and thereby burden the body and its immune system. Raw fruits and vegetables are on top of the list of foods that are alkaline and thereby regenerative to the body.

Lessening the Look of "Cottage Cheese" Skin

Dry skin brushing has been shown to soften cellulite and smooth out those fat deposits just beneath the skin. This is simply due to the fact that dry brushing encourages lymph flow and thereby waste and toxin removal in those bumpy areas. At the same time blood flow This diminishes the look of the cottage cheese skin most women dread. Dry brushing also reduces cellulite by ridding the skin of the toxins that can break down the connective tissue.

Better Digestion and Kidney Functioning

Dry brushing goes even deeper than the skin as it is used in naturopathy to support both organ functioning and digestion. One spa expert is quoted as saying, "Many naturopathic doctors use dry brushing to help with bloating because massaging the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess water and toxins."

While an immediate benefit of dry brushing is smoother, younger-looking skin, it can also be used to improve digestive and kidney functioning.

A Meditative Activity

Dry brushing is considered meditative, especially if you do the activity in a quiet area of the home. It not only reduces muscle tension, it also calms the mind and relieves the stresses of the day. Some people compare the activity to a light whole-body massage.

A Healthy Addiction

If you use the ZEN ME VITALITY Dry Brush, you may become addicted to this practice like many other dry brush enthusiasts, in a good way of course, because you will feel more rejuvenated and lively. Along with firmer, more glowing skin, using the right dry brush makes people feel invigorated after a quick 5-7 minute session.

How Should I Brush

Always Brush Toward your Lymph Nodes

With the above-listed benefits, you cannot help but appreciate the dynamics of using a dry skin brush daily. Body brushing is best done before you get into the shower or bath each day. It will take you less than 10 minutes to properly dry brush your skin. Always start at the bottom of your feet and move upwards your legs.

Contrarily to the common belief that you need to brush toward the heart this makes no difference for the lymphatic system which you are targeting with each brush stroke. However, it is more important to brush toward the lymph nodes as this is where the lymph moves from small lymph vessels to bigger and bigger vessels such as lymph glands.

Best Time to Dry Body Brush

To get best results we suggest to dry brush twice daily but once a day would be just fine to get good results as well. Dry body brushing can easily be a part of your daily beauty and health routines. Try brushing your body before your morning shower and bath and again after you come home from work. Body brushing should not be done too close to bedtime as the activity is designed to energize you - not to put you to sleep.

Use a Firm Yet Gentle Pressure

It's best to start brushing at your feet and working upwards in long sweeping strokes toward the main lymph nodes such as the groins, the solar plexus area, the arm pits and clavicles. brushing the legs, then the arms, chest, back and stomach. The pressure applied should be firm but never painful. After all, you are dry brushing your skin - not scrubbing it. At the end of a session the skin should appear pleasantly pink - never irritated or red. Try to dry brush every day for at least 2 minutes - although that is a very short length of time. The average time for a session is between 5-7 minutes.

Why You Should Brush with All-Natural Bristles

We do recommend to use a natural bristle brush like the ZEN ME brush that is made of high quality natural boar bristles rather than synthetic bristle brushes which often are too soft and hence less effective. The ZEN ME Vitality Dry Brush uses curved cut bristles that are contoured to work at opening up the pores without any added pressure. Just the right amount of pressure is used when the bristles are natural and adapted to the dry brushing activity.

Again, a full body brush session from the feet up and in direction of the lymph node areas will have the best effects to open up your skin's pores, accelerate lymphatic and blood circulation and remove dry skin cells that cause the skin to lose its natural glow.

A Regular Routine

Follow dry brushing every day before you shower or bath. Just don't use the dry brush on the face. The brush is not designed to be used on the delicate facial skin but on the rest of the body. When you practice dry brushing before your shower or bath, any moisturizing products are more easily absorbed.

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