The Benefits of Dry Brushing for a More Beautiful and Revitalized You!

How would you respond if you were offered the ability to automatically revitalize the looks of your skin, reduce the look of lumpy and unattractive cellulite and feel less tired and lethargic? Naturally, you would want to know the secret. The activity of dry brushing using the Zen Me Vitality Dry Body Brush is the answer to detoxifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin and body.

A Quick Overview of the Vitality Zen Me Dry Body Brush

The Zen Me VITALITY Dry Body Brush follows a health and beauty practice that as been followed by such ancient cultures as the Romans and Egyptians. The 100% natural high quality brush features long curved cut boar bristles and is made with a long-curved brush handle that contours to the body.

The detachable oval head with cotton strap on the dry brush can double as a scrub brush with easy and convenient grip. The 16” curved handle on the spa accessory is ideally designed for use on the back, shoulders and feet. The Vitality Dry Body Brush comes with exfoliating gloves for wet use as well.

How the Brush Works – Its Major Benefits

The Zen Me Vitality Dry Body Brush, when used properly, enhances lymphatic circulation (which helps reduce sluggishness), accelerates the elimination of toxins, stimulates circulation and blood flow, reduces the look of cellulite and exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. The brush can also be used for anti-aging purposes as it regenerates body cells and stimulates the sebaceous glands to restore supple and moist skin.

Always Brush Toward the Heart

With the above-listed benefits, you cannot help but appreciate the dynamics of using a dry brush daily. Dry brushing is best done before you get into the shower or bath each day. It will take you about ten minutes to properly dry brush your skin. Whether you start at the bottom and move upwards or start at the top and move down your body, you need to remember to brush toward the direction of the heart. Never brush away from the heart as you will defeat the whole purpose of the exercise.

If you brush away from the heart, you can cause vascularities (varicose veins) or broken capillaries. Therefore, this is the one primary point you must remember in order to gain optimum benefits from the activity.

The Best Times to Dry Brush

Most experts suggest that, for the best results, to dry brush twice daily. Dry brushing then should be a part of your regular daily beauty and health routine. Try dry brushing before your morning shower and bath and again after you come home from work. Dry brushing should not be done too close to bedtime as the activity is designed to energize you – not to put you to sleep.

Use a Firm Yet Gentle Pressure

Again, brushing toward the heart is best as it boosts your lymphatic and blood circulation and reduces the any issues with vascularitis. You can even brush the soles of the feet. Most experts suggest starting at the feet and working up the body, brushing the legs, then the arms, chest, back and stomach. The pressure you use should be firm but never painful. After all, you are dry brushing your skin – not scrubbing it. After a session, the skin should appear pleasantly pink – never irritated or red. Try to dry brush every day for at least 2 minutes – although that is a very short length of time. An average time for a session is about 10 or 15 minutes.

Why You Should Brush with All-natural Bristles

Using a dry brush, like the Zen Me dry brush, is better than using a brush with a combination of synthetic or natural bristles as you want to use a brush that features all-natural products. When the bristles are natural, you are using a gentle yet a firm brushing action. Brushes that are designed with synthetic bristles may be too damaging. Natural curved bristles, like those featured on the Zen Me Vitality Dry Brush are contoured to work at opening up the pores without any added pressure. Just the right amount of pressure is used when the bristles are natural and adapted to the dry brushing activity.

You will receive instructions for using the Zen Me Vitality Dry Brush when you receive the product. However, if you are now considering a purchase, it is important to know the basics of dry brushing before your proceed with an order.

Again, you need to cover every area of the body from the neck down and brush toward and not away from the heart. When you effect this type of action, the skin’s pores open up, the lymphatic and blood flows are accelerated and the dry skin cells that cause the skin to lose its luminescence are removed.

A Regular Routine

Follow dry brushing every day before you shower or bath. Just don’t use the dry brush on the face. The brush is not designed to be used on the delicate facial skin but on the rest of the body. Follow the routines designed especially for exfoliating and moisturizing the face separately. When you practice dry brushing before your shower or bath too, any moisturizing products are more easily absorbed.

Why Dry Brushing Benefits the Lymphatic System

Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system or the part of the body that eliminates cellular waste. The system is made up of hundreds of miles of tubules which collect cellular waste from tissues in the body and transports it to the blood for elimination. This waste-ridding process is known as lymphatic drainage. When the lymphatic system is not properly working, both toxins and waste build up and can make you sick. Lymphatic congestion is the main reason for disease and sickness and inflammation in the body. By stimulating this system then, the toxins are released that can make people sick.

Exfoliation – Dry Brushing Allows the Skin to “Breathe.”

Dry brushing also removes the dead dry skin that causes clogged pores, thereby allowing your skin to “breathe.”

Getting Rid of Metabolic Waste

Blood circulation is increased when dry brushing is facilitated, which also promotes the elimination of metabolic waste.

Lessening the Look of “Cottage Cheese” Skin

Dry skin brushing has been proven to soften the cellulite or hard fat deposits just beneath the skin, and therefore distributes fat deposits more evenly. This diminishes the look of the cottage cheese skin most women dread. Dry brushing also reduces cellulite by ridding the skin of the toxins that can break down the connective tissue.

A Meditative Activity

Dry brushing is considered meditative, especially if you do the activity in a quiet area of the home as it not only reduces muscle tension, it calms the mind and relieves the stresses of the day. Some people compare the activity to a light whole-body type of massage.

Better Digestion and Kidney Functioning

Dry brushing goes even deeper than the skin as it is used in naturopathy to support both organ functioning and digestion. One spa expert is quoted as saying, “. . . Many naturopathic doctors use dry brushing to help with bloating because massaging the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess water and toxins.”

While an immediate benefit of dry brushing is smoother, younger-looking skin, it can also be used to improve digestive and kidney functioning.

A Healthy Addiction

If you use the Zen Me Vitality Dry Brush, you will become addicted to the practice in a very good way because you will feel rejuvenated and lively. Along with tighter, firmer, glowing skin, using the right dry brush makes people feel invigorated after a quick 10-minute session.

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